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Rent-to-Own Property Investing with Adjoin

Can Buy-to-Let investing run more smoothly? Can you get better tenants? Can renters build house equity while renting? A common friend recently introduced me to

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Greece: The perfect FIRE destination?

Upbeat music. Freshly served cold coffee. Sun’s shining. People walking past. Can you picture me writing this post in Greece? So here I am, writing

story of the mexican fisherman
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The Story of the Mexican Fisherman

Investments, business and wealth-building are the main topics of this blog. We focus on the how. How to make money investing, optimize tax, beat inflation,

rob dix foxy monkey interview

All Things Property with Rob Dix

Rob Dix is a property legend and the co-founder of the Property Hub a place where people can learn more about property investing. You should


January 22 news and an interview

January is on its way out and I can’t believe how quickly time went by once again. But today I am very excited! A big