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Welcome! Dear Foxy Monkey Reader,

Thank you for visiting the FM lounge! I hope you will find some useful content here.

This blog is all about life hacking.

To be more specific, I will try to share my knowledge and grow with like-minded people on topics such as personal finance, investments, savings and occasionally, career stuff.

For example, I occasionally make a side income doing matched bettingblogging, trying out new things, and never let my money rest – I invest it.

I also cycle to work which is a nice hack to better health and higher savings. I love the idea of passive income so that my money works harder rather than sitting idle in the bank. Which is why I wrote a long guide: Best passive income investments.

When it comes to money management, I weigh all options when it comes to paying down my mortgage VS investing. The blog turns a bit philosophical sometimes. This is because I love exploring what makes us happy and fulfilled. 

It all started after I realized that many of my friends wanted help in this area. They’re too busy managing their personal lives, building a career, having fun, children etc which I understand.

I am definitely not perfect or 100% correct – trust me, I’ve made many mistakes myself. But I’m passionate to learn and share. I thought that instead of helping only them, I could start a journey to help anyone interested. So here I am!

The Goal

To become financially independent and have fun. As the famous saying goes: “Your money can work harder than you can”.

So let’s grow together!

I would probably call this blog smarter-living-without-giving-up-on-pleasure but it’s not as catchy as the Foxy Monkey is.

Behind the Mask

Foxy Monkey’s name is Michael. I am a 30-something year old engineer living with my lovely wife and kid in one of the most expensive cities in the world – London.  

I love coffee, nature, and cycling. Since university, I managed to double my income every 2 years by trying different projects, constantly learning and getting out of my comfort zone.

I also save a good amount and invest these savings to generate more income. This will allow us to escape the 9-5 lifestyle in 5-7 years and “retire early”! I shares all my findings on this blog and welcome you aboard!

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