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Welcome! Dear Foxy Monkey Reader,

Thank you for visiting the blog! I hope you will find some useful content here.

This blog is mostly about building wealth, investing and financial independence.

I occassionally write about career, property and UK Limited Company topics.

I’m always trying out new things and never let my money rest – I invest it

Having a passive income stream helps. But most of my net worth was built on having a high-paying job, living within my means and optimising my taxes.

Part of my success with money comes from my ability to invest my company profits. My company used to sit on idle cash earning zero interest, not anymore. 

If you own a Limited company, you will love what Company Investing Academy has to offer. I am confident this is the best place for business owners to learn how to put their business cash to work.

Speaking of work, I am mostly working from home these days. I miss cycling to work which is a nice hack to better health and higher savings. 

I feel so fresh afterwards but I do need my cup of coffee cycling notwithstanding!

When it comes to money management, I weigh all options when it comes to paying down my mortgage VS investing. I partly own my home but I really like the benefits of renting. 

The blog turns a bit philosophical sometimes. This is because I love exploring what makes us happy and fulfilled. 

It all started after I realised that many of my friends wanted help in this area. They’re too busy managing their personal lives, building a career, having fun, children etc which I understand.

I am definitely not perfect or 100% correct – trust me, I’ve made many mistakes myself. But I’m passionate to learn and share. I thought that instead of helping only them, I could start a journey to help anyone interested. So here I am!

The Goal

To become financially independent and have fun. As the famous saying goes: “Your money can work harder than you can”.

I would probably call this blog smarter-living-without-trading-off-pleasure but it’s not as catchy as the Foxy Monkey is.

Behind the Mask

Foxy Monkey’s name is Michael. I am a tech professional in my mid-30s living with my lovely wife and kid in one of the most expensive cities in the world – London.  

I love coffee, algorithms, tennis and cycling. Since university, I managed to double my income every 2 years by trying different projects, constantly learning and getting out of my comfort zone.

This lifestyle will allow us to escape the 9-5 in seven three years and “retire early”! I shares all my findings on this blog and welcome you aboard!

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