Passive Income

Property Partner is the company I trust for my property investments. You can invest from as little as £50 and they will do the sourcing, letting and ongoing management which makes it ideal for a passive income.

You legally own shares in properties that you choose to invest in and they pay rent (dividends) monthly as well as the capital growth when the property goes up in value.

Property partner also operates a secondary market where you can buy and sell your shares to other investors. It’s available to non-UK investors too. 

I love the concept. I am investing a total of £50,000 and you can read my Property partner experiment here.

Matched Betting

OddsMonkey is the best UK matched betting service. It is simply up to date with profitable offers and a helpful community.

It’s what I have been using for over 2 years now, to make a consistent £500 per month from matched betting. OddsMonkey makes matched betting super easy.

Cost: £17.99 / month, plus free trial.

See also: How much can you make matched betting?

Free Money!

When was the last time you shopped around for Gas & Electricity deals?

No matter where you buy it from, electricity is the same!

My go to choice is Octopus Energy, very good deals, and great customer service.

You can save hundreds of pounds and they handle everything when you switch.

If you switch via this link we also get a £50.00 sign-up bonus each.

This is basically free money back. I own the American Express® Platinum Cashback Credit Card and every time I buy something I get a 1% money back plus 5% cashback up to £125 for the first 3 months.

In other words, that’s £125 free money in the first 3 months plus another £100 for each £10,000 you spend every year. Not bad for getting paid to carry a credit card 🙂

There is a £25 annual fee which I’m happy to pay. Make sure you set up a Direct Debit and pay in full to avoid extra charges.

If you sign up using this link we will both get an extra £25 bonus.

Similar to how Amex gives you money back on all purchases, TopCashback is what I use for online shopping, from theatre tickets to pet insurance etc.

Search on TopCashback buy on the merchant website as normally and get paid 🙂

The good thing is that you can combine American Express and TopCashback to double the benefits. If you sign up using my link we both get a £15 bonus.

Every time I travel abroad I ALWAYS use Transferwise to get the best exchange rate and pay zero fees.

Usually banks charge you their foreign exchange rate not the market – Google rate despite saying zero commissions. You pay the fee which is built in in the price of the exchange rate.

For this reason I use Transferwise to transfer money between UK and foreign accounts and pay everything using the free Borderless Card (green fancy Mastercard!).

Last time I travelled I saved a 5% in exchange rate difference – in other words £308 in my pocket, not my bank’s pocket.

Oh I almost forgot! Here is a list of all my Financial Independence Resources such as books, blogs, podcasts etc. It’s what shapes Foxy Monkey and what I follow to dive deeper into the fascinating world of personal finance and investing.