Matched Betting

OddsMonkey is the best UK matched betting service. It is simply up to date with profitable offers and a helpful community.

It’s what I have been using for over 2 years now, to make a consistent £500 per month from matched betting. OddsMonkey makes matched betting super easy.

Cost: £17.99 / month, plus free trial.

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Smarkets is my sports exchange of preference when it comes to laying my bets.

Great odds, 2% commission and a very fast technology makes this my favourite betting exchange.

Sometimes I may take a punt and the odds there are much better than any high-street bookmaker.

They also do many commission-free promos for matched betting aficionados. Neat!

Free Money!

This is basically free money back. I own the American Express® Platinum Cashback Credit Card and every time I buy something I get a 1% money back plus 5% cashback up to £125 for the first 3 months.

In other words, that’s £125 free money in the first 3 months plus another £100 for each £10,000 you spend every year. Not bad for getting paid to carry a credit card 🙂

There is a £25 annual fee which I’m happy to pay. Make sure you set up a Direct Debit and pay in full to avoid extra charges.

If you sign up using this link we will both get an extra £25 bonus.

Similar to how Amex gives you money back on all purchases, TopCashback is what I use for online shopping, from theatre tickets to pet insurance etc.

Search on TopCashback buy on the merchant website as normally and get paid 🙂

The good thing is that you can combine American Express and TopCashback to double the benefits. If you sign up using my link we both get a £15 bonus.

Every time I travel abroad I ALWAYS use Transferwise to get the best exchange rate and pay zero fees.

Usually banks charge you their foreign exchange rate not the market – Google rate despite saying zero commissions. You pay the fee which is built in in the price of the exchange rate.

For this reason I use Transferwise to transfer money between UK and foreign accounts and pay everything using the free Borderless Card (green fancy Mastercard!).

Last time I travelled I saved a 5% in exchange rate difference – in other words £308 in my pocket, not my bank’s pocket.

Oh I almost forgot! Here is a list of all my Financial Independence Resources such as books, blogs, podcasts etc. It’s what shapes Foxy Monkey and what I follow to dive deeper into the fascinating world of personal finance and investing.