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Greece: The perfect FIRE destination?

Upbeat music. Freshly served cold coffee. Sun’s shining. People walking past. Can you picture me writing this post in Greece? So here I am, writing

story of the mexican fisherman

The Story of the Mexican Fisherman

Investments, business and wealth-building are the main topics of this blog. We focus on the how. How to make money investing, optimize tax, beat inflation,


Money Tools

You cannot even start to talk about achieving any degree of financial freedom unless you know roughly where your money goes. True financial independence starts


How to FIRE your boss

Waking up with no alarm clock. Doing your hobbies full-time. Keeping a job you love but without worrying about money. Exploring interests other than the



We often talk about maximising our investing profits, optimising for tax between ISA and pensions, or whether a 5% small-cap allocation in our portfolio is

rocky road

Managing money with your partner

How do you and your partner manage your money? Do you have your own salary and then share the common expenses? Or does it all go


Financial Independence: Getting real now?

Back in December 2016 when I started this blog, I wanted to document my journey to Financial Independence. Sure, lifehacks, articles on happiness, investing and