Education is the best form of investing. Invest in yourself.

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Coffee beach

Reflections 2020

Don’t worry, this won’t be a COVID-only post. But I’m allowed to refer to it a few times, if that’s ok. Just wanted to write


Jobs vs Robots

4 years ago I was enjoying an afternoon coffee with my friend, Jordan. Our typical discussions range between work culture, economics and pros/cons of living

day trading

Day trade your way to riches

I was hoping I might be allowed to do business a few days before they told me to take my trade somewhere else. I walked

How much will you pay to hold cash?

It’s a serious question. I’m not joking. You may have seen your bank deposits earn anywhere between 0-1% interest. That’s nothing compared to the 4-5%

yacht how to get rich

How to Get Rich [Book summary]

Most people won’t get rich. Most won’t even try to get rich. That’s understandable because trying involves taking more risk, embracing fear and failure until


Random Thoughts in Gloomy Times

“There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.” Our generation has just experienced thousands of deaths and a global shutdown

Education is the best form of investing. Invest in yourself.