[Business Secrets podcast] The Benefits of Company Investing

I had the pleasure of speaking with Olly Pughe, a financial planner from Penguin Wealth and friend of the blog. Olly co-runs the Business Secrets podcast which is full of good info for business owners.

He invited me for a chat about LTD company investing and I had a great time. I like this stuff!

Key points discussed:

  • How Company Investing Academy started
  • Why LTD company investing is one of the best ways to build wealth
  • What you need to consider before investing your company funds
  • Accountants accountants accountants
  • Tax-friendly assets for LTD companies
  • Michael’s boring investing strategy


If you are a business owner with surplus cash in the business, check out the Company Investing Course.

The next one starts on the 18th of October. This is the last one for the year and there are only a few places left before it’s sold out.

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