Serendipity strikes again! Foxy Monkey on Maven Money Podcast

The more passionate you are about something and the more you expose yourself to the world, the higher the chances to attract good opportunities.

Passion * Exposure = Luck

I have previously talked about how we can all build our own luck. And I’m a big supporter of this statement.

How? By exposing ourselves and reaching out to other people about stuff we care about. For example, I’m passionate about personal finance, investing, saving and the so-called “life hacking”. I started a blog about it, and very good things happened because of that.

The same “passion * exposure” formula led me to land a very good job a few years ago when I exposed myself to the technical community by attending meetups and conferences, let alone presenting at some!

This time I had the honour to be invited by Andy Hart from the Maven Money podcast, one of the best personal finance podcasts here in the UK.

Maven money Foxy Monkey

The discussion is about good investing behaviour, financial independence, life hacking and finding happiness in the NOW rather than waiting for the unicorn date.

We tackle how I launched a blog with a rant and how I made it popular, now getting 8,500 unique users per month! Who would imagine…

Also, where does the “Foxy Monkey” name come from? 🙂

Hope you enjoy the show as much as I did. What did you like or dislike the most? Please let me know in the comments!

P.S. When buying a microphone, always remember to buy a base



  1. Hi Michael. On this concept of creating your own luck I just finished a book called Click Moment by Frans Johansson about how to purposefully place ‘bets’ and give yourself the best chance to succeed. Interesting read and worth checking out.


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